Western Massachusetts Travel Team 2016

Western Massachusetts Team 2016

Sarah Foster, Team Leader

Sarah, from Lexington, MA, is a rising sophomore at Amherst College. She is planning on double majoring in Environmental Studies and Spanish, but she is also interested in Economics and English. A member of the track and cross-country teams at Amherst College, she is an avid runner and lover of the outdoors. Her hopes in joining Climate Summer are to understand some of the inner workings of the environmental movement and to engage in communities that want a change as much as she does.  She can’t wait to make an impact this summer with all of her fellow riders!

Alex Hogan, Outreach Coordinator

Alex Hogan is a Jersey girl that goes to school on the beach in Florida.  She spent her 21 years being active in sports like soccer and now rugby.  She loves cats, crafting, science, ice cream, and the ocean.  She thinks puns are the best kind of jokes around and she loves to laugh.  Since she first learned about the climate movement she knew it was her calling to be a part of it, and the way to start is a summer on a bike!

Alison Goyer, New Media Coordinator

Alison is a rising senior at UNC-Chapel Hill. Contrary to popular belief, she studies Political Science and Global Studies, and not Environmental Science. She’s really into unplanned adventures, reading books that she doesn’t have time for, ping-pong, biking around town, and playing trivial pursuit. Last summer, Alison spent a month backpacking in Alaska, which was simultaneously the most beautiful and most terrifying thing she’s ever done. Tar heel born and bred, she loves North Carolina deeply, thanks to the never-ending political battles, beautiful mountains, and generally cool people. However, she is very excited to escape the summer humidity for the best reason possible—building the grassroots climate movement!

Lydia Federico, Video Coordinator

Lydia is a rising sophomore at Harvard University, where it is unclear what she is studying, as long as it doesn’t involve math. She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, where she spent most of her childhood anxiously awaiting her letter from Hogwarts. In her spare time, she enjoys watching trippy movies, frolicking, and playing on Harvard’s newly-Varsity women’s rugby team. Do not let her small stature deceive you, for she is prepared to tackle anything—in this case, our society’s addiction to fossil fuels in the battle against climate change.

Caroline White-Nockleby, Events Coordinator

Matt Menezes, Media Coordinator

Maine Team 2016

Rebecca Newman, Team Leader

Rebecca Newman is a rising sophomore at Ithaca College from Boxborough, MA. She is currently studying Environmental Sciences at school and spends her time reading, taking walks with her friends, and enjoying the snow. Even when she was young she had an interest in the outdoors. Rebecca spent many of her summers at camp exploring the outdoors, swimming and playing field games. At home she enjoyed reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, which is also where her favorite quote comes from, “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” This quote describes her motivation for being part of Climate Summer. She has been interested in the environment for a long time and is especially interested in clean, alternative energy sources. As Rebecca’s friends would say this is definitely an internship for her!

Shaun Carland, Outreach Coordinator

Growing up in Southwestern Maine, Shaun Carland spent his childhood hiking the Appalachian mountains, picking wild berries, partaking in philosophical discussions with trees, and swimming in the Atlantic year round. Now, Shaun lives on top of a bike store in Portland, ME where  he is studying mathematics and computer science at the University of Southern Maine.  Shaun is exceptionally excited to participate in Climate Summer in hopes that he can continue building the environmental activism movement in Maine, interact with communities to craft local solutions for climate change related phenomenon, and inspire a generation of young activists to continue advocating for a just and sustainable future.

Garrett Blad, Media Coordinator

Garrett, who grew up in a small country town in northwest Indiana, is a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame where he is majoring in Sustainable Policy and Environmental Science. Through Climate Summer, Garrett hopes to build leadership skills in protecting the planet, his number one passion. In his spare time, Garrett lets his artistic side free by drawing in his sketchbook, listening to music or reading. Garrett thoroughly enjoys the company of others and always has plenty of boisterous laughter to add at the end of a good joke, although he will probably laugh a good deal whenever, as he can find humor in most things in life. Garrett is ready to ride (and laugh) our way to a better future!

Janice Gan, New Media Coordinator

Janice Gan is a freshman in the Brown/RISD dual degree program, where she is will be studying industrial design and environmental science. She grew up in southern California, where she took advantage of the disgustingly lovely weather by climbing trees, gardening, and biking to the beach whenever possible. She joined Climate Summer because the opportunity to combine the joys of bike-packing with climate activism was a bit too great to pass up. When she isn’t carting art supplies up and down the hills of Providence, she can probably be found reading, hiking, or sitting on a roof trying to talk to a cat.

Mariah Chen, Video Coordinator

Mariah Chen is from Sunnyvale, California, but moved out to New York City in 2011 to attend Barnard College, Columbia University where she majors in environmental policy. Despite the whirlwind experience of the city, she takes every opportunity to spend time outside. She misses herding cattle at her ranch boarding school, Midland, and camping near the Pacific Ocean. She is exceptionally excited to work with Climate Summer to see New England by bicycle, learn from others, spread education, bridge supposed dichotomies, laugh a lot, and cumulatively work toward preserving the environment and its reviving characteristics.

Eastern Massachusetts Team 2016

Aaron Karp, Team Leader

Aaron is a 2012 graduate of UMass Amherst, where he studied neuroscience and Spanish. He hails from North Brookfield, a small town in central Massachusetts, where his high school graduating class featured a whopping 53 students. Last summer, he divided his time between laboratory research, where he studied the epigenetic underpinnings of song learning in zebra finches, and coaching youths at basketball camps in Amherst and Worcester. Last November, after learning explicitly about the urgency of the climate crisis, how much time we have to divert our course, and what’s at stake if we don’t, he decided to volunteer full-time to develop a fossil fuel divestment campaign at UMass. Since then the campaign has grown by leaps and bounds, and Aaron hopes to take on more responsibility this summer, reach a larger audience, and communicate his urgency to others.

Jordan Mlsna, Outreach Coordinator

Jordan Mlsna is an MIT undergraduate with a volunteering spirit. Long having been interested in the natural world, she has more recently begun to focus on climate change as the largest factor influencing not just the pristineness of our biosphere, but the flourishing of human civilization. Currently, she acts as one of the core members of MIT’s fossil fuel divestment campaign, leads a new community gardening project out of her living group, co-hosts a poetry radio show, and works on local hunger issues in addition to classes. Jordan hails originally from Austin, Texas. When she’s not fighting the good fight or studying, you might find her hiking, two-stepping, exploring the town barefoot, obsessing over her latest music find, or making pico de gallo from fresh-picked tomatoes.

Jamie Garuti, Events Coordinator

Jamie Garuti is a rising junior at Brandeis University majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Social Justice & Social Policy. At Brandeis she is very excited about working on the divestment from fossil fuels campaign, and also enjoys being in gymnastics club, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, and working at a preschool with 3 year-olds. She loves peanut butter brownie ice cream, her cat Dakota, and watching “How I Met Your Mother.” Jamie can’t wait for Climate Summer because it is an incredible opportunity to get more involved in the climate movement and do what she can to help out in this global issue.

Alexis Russell, Media Coordinator

Alexis Russell calls Palo Alto, California her home. Having grown up in both southern and northern California, with most summers spent with family in Vermont, she has ties to many areas of the country. Alexis is a rising senior studying International Relations and Global Affairs at Eckerd College in balmy St. Petersburg, Florida. She played violin for ten of her nearly twenty-one years, and loves anything musical. With positivity and an open mind, she can conquer the world!

Julie Rong, New Media and Video Coordinator

Julie is a rising sophomore at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA. She is originally from New York City and hopes to study Environmental studies, but is still relatively undecided. In her free time, Julie enjoys running around Wellesley’s lake, exploring, staring at the sky, snacking on everything in sight, and taking power naps. She is interested in social and environmental justice and hopes to help make a difference this summer through grassroots action. She hopes that by participating in Climate Summer, she can make the world a more beautiful place for future generations.

Vermont/New Hampshire Team 2016

J. Salvatoriello, Team Leader

My name is Julie and I’m the 8th of 11 children. I was born and raised in Hanover, NH and graduated from Mount Holyoke College in June of 2011. Since then I have been dividing my time between saving up money so I can go learn how to do awesome things, doing awesome things, and volunteering. I’m certified in Permaculture Design, and have full knowledge of compost. Last year I volunteered as part of the founding class of AmeriCorps NCCC FEMAcorps (glorified volunteering with FEMA in the name of the government). After a variety of volunteer work that involved cleaning up Union Beach, NJ in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I fully realized that nature always wins and that a greater effort should be made to appease it. This drew me to apply to the Climate Summer program, and I haven’t looked back.

A. Cropsey, Outreach Coordinator

I am currently a senior psychology major at SUNY Geneseo. I have always loved cycling and been interested in environmental issues, so I jumped at the opportunity to dedicate my summer to a combination of my passions. When I am not riding my bike, I am playing my saxophone, enjoying rugby or figuring out the best way to casually steal puppies as they pass by. I can’t wait to embark on my summer journey with all the other riders to make the world a better place.

T. Miller, Events Coordinator

I am from upstate New York, specifically Solon, which you certainly haven’t heard of before.  As a rising junior at Williams College, I study biology, environmental studies, and the “liberal arts”.  I like to spend my time singing, getting lost in the mountains, and brainstorming better hobbies than golf for our legislators.

B. Lilley, Media Coordinator

A. McDevitt, New Media Coordinator

I spent my earliest years on this warming planet in Norfolk, Virginia where I grew up building forts, sailing, and camping with the Girl Scouts. When I wasn’t in Norfolk, I was traveling the world with my awesome family of four. Before middle school, we moved to Lakeville, Minnesota where I passed the time playing soccer, singing in choirs, and trying to stay warm in the winter. For the last three years, I’ve been studying Political Science and Peace Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota. During the school year, you can usually find me running around in circles with the Gustavus Track and Field team, hanging out with friends in the Center for Servant Leadership, or melting over pictures of puppies on the internet. After college, I’m excited to return to the East Coast and pursue a life dedicated to working for social and environmental justice. For now, though, I’m staying focused on how epic this summer is going to be!

B. Rooney, Video Coordinator

I am a rising sophomore at Purchase College in NY, where I study Anthropology academically, music extracurricularly, and life metaphorically. Originally from Connecticut (somebody has to be), I spend most of my time playing music, writing letters, reading, or fulfilling my liquid-based duties as Vice President of Tea Club. I am a staunch defender of the Oxford Comma, lover of Jazz, and amateur unicyclist. I am, however, very excited to be spending this summer on TWO wheels, and I am looking forward to making a real difference with Climate Summer.

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