March Madness Betting Odds

It’s the showpiece event on the college hoops calendar, and we’ve got Bovada’s top 6 things you need to know to bet on College Madness. We’re gonna kick it off with telling you how you can bet on college madness at ewire casinos in canada. Let’s be real, brackets are ok but they’ll eventually bust, in fact the chances of nailing the perfect bracket is one in 9.2 quintillion. Here’s the inside word: Bovada lets you bet on every game of March Madness. What’s more, you can bet live in-game during all 67 matchups on the College Madness schedule.

So trust us, brackets may sound like a “good idea”, like moving into your mother-in-law while you save up for a new place, but betting is really where the action is in March. We’ve got you covered with five more tips to make it a College Madness to remember.

>> PRESENTER: Let’s talk odds – how they even things up and how you can tip them in your favor. The odds reflect the likelihood of a certain outcome. When we’re talking matchups, there’s usually a favorite and an underdog. The favorite is more likely to win so they’ll have shorter odds and a smaller potential return on your wager, whereas if you bet on the underdog, say for example the Washington Generals over the Harlem Globetrotters, and it hits, you could be retiring to that that Caribbean beach you’ve been dreaming of sooner than you thought.

When checking out Bovada’s sportsbook you’ll probably come across numbers like +300 or +10000. Odds of +300 mean that if you wager $10 you’ll win $30. Similarly, if you throw down $10 on a +10000 underdog and it comes up big, you’ll pocket $1,000. I mean… the Generals are due, right? >>PRESENTER: Number three, what’s a point spread?

The point spread is the head start sportsbooks gives the underdog to even things up. Point spreads make a lopsided match-up exciting, because not only does the favorite need to win, they need to win more than the point spread, or “cover the spread”. Example: Say the Villanova Wildcats are up against the Buffalo Bulls.

It’s looking like Villanova will be the favorite and Buffalo the underdogs. The oddsmakers might give Buffalo an 8 and a half point head start, which they’ll call out as Buffalo +8.5 or Villanova -8.5. If you bet on Villanova, you’ll need them to win by 9 points or more to take it out. Otherwise, you can bet on the Bulls and if they win the game or lose by 8 points or less you’re in the money. >>PRESENTER: Alright, let’s move into player props – What are they?

College Madness is all about people. The fans, the players, the guys who mop sweat off the court… well, definitely the fans and the players. With player props, you can cheer on players as they make you bank. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Player props are bets you place on individual performances for a given game. At Bovada you can usually find props on a player’s points total, rebounds, assists as well as a few other categories, >>PRESENTER: Number 5 and we’re talkin’ seeds.

Not the seeds you’re going to find in your garden, but if you know your College Madness seeds you’ll be well on your way to making some serious green. Each of the 68 College Madness teams are assigned a seeding, or ranking, by the committee. This seeding will determine who plays who in the first round of the tournament. That’s all well and good, but how does a ranking affect their chances?

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers: A number 1 seed is undefeated against the #16 seed in the tournaments history – they’re a lock. Since 1985, the #1 seed has won the title 21 times, and over the past 13 years they’ve cut the net 9 times. There’s never been a seed lower than 11 make the final four… Sorry Cinderella… Maybe this year? >> PRESENTER: And your number 6 – How have those seeds fared against the spread?

So what hope does the underdog have when it comes to spread betting? Well you’ll be pleased to know that the 11th seed has struck one for the good guys, and have an 12-8 record Against the Spread in their last 20 first round matchups with the #6 seeds. There you have it, our top 6 things you need to know to bet on College Madness.

Get swept up in the hype and keep checking Bovada throughout the tournament for the latest lines, props and insights.