Lost at Sea: Burot Beach, Batangas

Burot Beach is one of the few unspoiled, undiscovered beaches in Calatagan, Batangas City. Currently, it’s owned by SM Corporation, but it’s open to public for only PHP65 for a day trip and PHP130 for an overnight one. Definitely one for the weekend-warriors or for those who just want to get away from the busy city for a few hours.

Glimpse of the sunrise somewhere in Tagaytay.

It takes around 3 hours of travel time if you’re from Manila. We started the travel at 4 AM and passed through Tagaytay around 5 AM. We turned the windows down and the wind was so cold and the stars were clearly visible all throughout. I didn’t even sleep through the ride. I was just listening to my travel playlist and staring up at the sky since I can’t see any more stars back in Manila. It’s the little things. I would’ve taken a picture but my iPhone 5S can’t really captured the stars.

We finally arrived! Here’s what the beach front looks like when low-tide

Here’s the other side of the beachfront. Still low-tide.

After heavily relying on Waze, we really reached Burot Beach around 7 AM. We paid PHP65 each for the day trip and rented a long table for PHP400. Tents are also offered but I forgot for how much. Claiming a spot under the trees, we looked around and saw that there were only two-three groups in there when we arrived. It looks like we owned the beach! It was low-tide when we arrived though, so the actual sea were meters away.

You can clearly see the starfishes during low-tide.

After eating, we decided to do a mini-island hopping as it was still low-tide. We rented a boat for PHP130 each and went on our way. We visited two islands (Starfish Island and I forgot the name of the other one so I’ll name it Sea Urchin Island) and had a swim at the middle of the sea.

Below will be a photo dump. You have been warned. 😉

Fun Fact: Cellular data while in the sea is way better than cellular data signal while on the beach.

We only stayed until 2PM since the heat was becoming too much. Next time I visit, I would be aiming for an overnight stay. I heard there were plenty of fireflies at the area – I’ve never seen one before, and you are allowed start a campfire. If you will only be visiting for half-a-day like us, I would suggest doing a sidetrip to Tagaytay and/or Nuvali like we did. 🙂



  1. This place is not for the, um, choosy. We had to walk on really muddy waters (during the low-tide) just to get on the boat and there are a lot of weird sea creatures floating around. Hahaha! Also, restrooms were not well-maintained.
  2. There’s very few stores nearby so it’s best to bring everything. There is a mini-store by the beach that sells the usual and even some ice cubes, though.
  3. Try to make your way to and from the beach once there’s already lights out. The road to Burot Beach is rough and well… try not to fall in the swamp.
  4. Over-all budget for the trip can be less than PHP750 per person.

Where’s your last beach get-away at?

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