Las Vegas Hangover Food Taste Test

– Okay, we’re in Vegas. It’s morning in Vegas, which means we partied too hard last night. I don’t know who’s the most hungover. – I’d say probably me, I’m feeling– – I went to bed at 10pm. – 10pm, you went to bed at 10pm in Vegas. – That’s right.

– So before we came to Vegas I sent out a tweet, asking where we should get hangover food. One place sort of stood out, that people recommended. It’s called KoMex, so we’re on our way now to KoMex. – [Steven] KoMex. – We’re gonna see just how good Korean and Mexican food are curing our hangover.

(soft music) – I’m gonna give you a nice loud clap. – I feel like one thing that’s nice when you’re hungover is to just lean against a nice brick wall. – Is that real brick? – I can’t tell. – [Keith] It’s just a perspective trick.

– [Shane] It’s not real, it’s not real. – It’s not real. – Sorry you’re having such a rough morning.

– What’s the history of KoMex? – Well we actually owned a Mexican market for over 20 years. We would bring home bulgogi meats, all of that and my husband would just actually take the pico de gallo he had, a tortilla, just kind of wrap it up and eat it with Mexican rice, whatever we had at the market.

– That’s awesome. We want to eat everything. It’s got fries and it’s got chippies. Whoa, baby go.

It tastes like Korean barbecue and it tastes like french fries. – It’s fun to be messy when you’re hungover, have like there’s messy meal. – Jalapenos are nice and spicy.

Wake yourself up baby. – Yeah, man. – They know how to fix this thing. – Put your energy down.

– Why? – Please. – I’m happy. – [Brian] Because we’re hangover and you’re yelling. – I can’t do with this volume right now.

– The spice opens up my hungover closed sinuses. – I want to say it’s like if Taco Bell were very, very, very good. ‘Cause you know how Taco Bell’s always like, well what if it’s a pizza. – Holy moly. What’s better than nachos and fries? Tater tot, that’s what’s better.

And I can’t believe that they understand that and that they serve this as a meal. The tater tops are golden, they’re perfect. – You’re a little baby.

– You’re bullying me, I’m not a little baby. – [Steven] Little baby. – [Keith] Steven, you’re not going to be able to eat that bite. – [Shane] Hold it in your mouth. – That’s not how anyone wants anyone else to eat. It felt like my cheeks just started sagging to the floor.

‘Cause they’re filled with such delicious meat. – There’s nothing I like more than stuffing my face with tater tots. – I can’t look at your face while you speak to me anymore. – Bulgogi chimichanga. So, it looks like a Mexican chimichange but instead it actually has bulgogi meat in there. – [Keith] This sauce smells so good.

– I feel like this isn’t gonna be too bad on my stomach. It is somehow light. – I don’t feel light at all right now. – I feel light, I feel light as a feather. – This is what hangover food is about. It looks beautiful when it arrives and immediately a disaster on your plate but like a disaster that you want to lick up every drop of.

– Hangover food should become a beautiful disaster like your night prior. – Oh yeah. – This is kind of like one, just big jumbo. It’s one flavor. – This is more uniform whereas the other one was like, hey, have a little bit of this. Uh, where’s this crunch coming from?

– I am waking up, certainly. I feel like a lot better. I’m starting to feel better.

I’m stretching. – [Lynda] So this is the last item. Koreans, after a drunken night out, want something spicy and so this is a kimchi chicken fried rice.

– Can I pop the the yolk? – You can pop the yolk, bro – You did that so– Why did you do it like that? – I’m sorry. – I actually normally don’t eat kimchi because I know that kimchi’s spicy and normally when I’m about to eat it one of my friend says, “No, Keith, don’t eat this.” It’s like acidic spicy. – Sometimes spice is a great way to wake yourself up.

– [Keith] That’s true. – And this kimchi is just clearing up my sinuses, opening up my eyes and getting me ready for the day. – At Korean barbecue places a lot of times they’ll finish grilling everything and then when they’re done they’ll take all that grease.

– Oh, man. – And make kimchi fried rice. Oh, it’s so good. – This is just belly cement basically. Really tasty belly cement. – I just love rice, you know.

Fried rice, white rice, steamed rice, sticky rice. – Uh, I’m beginning to get a little sweat. I’m gonna start to glisten, I’m gonna start to glisten.

So how’s my hangover now as compared to earlier? I do feel better than earlier. More energetic and ready to poop. – My hangover now has definitely improved. – You kinda looked like hell a couple hours ago.

– I felt like hell but now I feel like a person. Thank you KoMex. – Coming out of a hangover is one of the great joys in life. – As a totally sober person I really enjoyed that meal but I feel like I went in reverse of what you guys are. ‘Cause I started off this morning very awake and now I’m at that like food baby coma moment.

Cheers. – [Shane] Feeling good. – [Keith] Feeling good. (happy jingly music)