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Don’t just show up once for me son you just know if light  loads of fish are getting thrown in you just got no chance no show you laughs come on at least one more time let’s see yeah it’s just gone past the ticket seventy-three quid it’s still good happy to get the feature I’ll give it a lot of five spins let’s just do it quickly cuz it has dropped in like two spins after a bonus before same as I’ll give it a shot okay last one moving on nothing on Casper’s mystery mirror for those a bit more than that all right come on give me a tease don’t lag thank you I give a lot two more class one  to it still can’t bonus Inspector Gadget I really want to see what the ing feature is on this one I’ve taught it quite a fair bit as well man come on last bit go find one more suspect 2:45 oh come on do something finishing graduate worlds okay. Learn how to make money out of your games at  CasinoSlots.

First time I’ve seen it first off I think this is the second little mini feature I’ve had on it okay few more than that night few more than that come up I think that’s it isn’t it Wow expanding again huh done put some more up doing a very good job right now okay that one hit the button again  me shut the end of it yeah okay good symbol in the middle Queens right that was pretty cool I’m not gonna lie and that’s the nice win I’m glad I got to see that that was pretty cool I played ounce 500 then see if I can get the feature in and I’ll bring you back oh my goodness I’ve got a bonus on it it better not have a gamble on it I’m not taking it down but I’m not taking a gamble on this man it’s taken me ages to get a bonus on this one care what it is oh that’s in the middle Hut seems good enough every penny counts free spin so penny from the evil dr. kloor scale the building for five days okay yeah.

So it’s confessed to gonna be like that King Kong cash one isn’t it yeah I’ll take all those wilds is a lot of spins now take me up son oh I know it’s not it’s like that that Ted bonus what if he does that every spin this there’s a lot of cars oh that’s pretty good 45 quid that one’s decent yeah I like sticking up a wall – yeah it’s a good symbol of that’s a good symbol of huh so then keep going up son gets up any good symbols come on match them down cracking boner so so far isn’t it I like that little setup as well all this apps have been pretty decent yeah Tommy top secrets all right last spin unless we get to the top I believe we didn’t get to the end that’s a decent load of Wilder that’s in cracking bonus 209 pound happy days it looks like it’s finally starting to pay.

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