Everything You Need To Know About Slot Machines Myths

It is certainly evident with the popularity enjoyed by the free slot machines games online. This game was a few years ago 30% of the revenue from a casino. Today that figure has soared to 70%. Despite the steady increase of the slot players, many users do not capture in detail the operation of these, due to the constant evolution of these machines have about the technology involved.

For this reason there are many myths surrounding the slot.

We could start by saying that if a gambler plays after us in the same slot and manages to win immediately, we suggest that you have continued to play the award would be ours. It seems logical to think this, but it is not. The various combinations of slots are randomly generated. Such combinations are constantly at high speed. Even when the slot in question is not being used by any player, it continues to generate combinations.

Other players have the idea that if they have the symbols of the cylinder, it is possible to know what are the chances of winning. Considering that the software that handles combinations, generates various virtual stops for each cylinder independently, it is clear that counting the symbols is a waste of time.

Another myth is that many think casinos can set the payout percentage of slot machines at will. This is not possible because the payouts are predetermined by the manufacturer of the slot, and that information is encrypted in the software of the game.

A widespread myth and far from reality, is one that states that all slot machines for a long period of time have not given its users any prize, will do at any moment. As we know, can not be determined when or at what point will produce a winning combination.

These are just some of the most important myths about slots. Sure it would be possible to continue with an extensive list, but more importantly it is clear that none of these myths becomes true, and they are far from reality. This is why when we checked into an online casino to play slots, we must forget the myths and enjoy the game.

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