3 Good Things from 49ers Weeks 1-4 (2018)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video. This time, covering the good things happening so far for the first quarter of the season.

So, this covers week one from the Vikings all the way to week four to the Chargers game. Yeah, there’s been some positive things going on for the 49ers. Yesterday, I’d talked about the bad things going on. So, I want to stay positive for the season so far and I’m going to get to it right now, but before I do, please “Like” and Subscribe to support my channel.

That would definitely help me out a lot. Let’s do it. Let’s kick some a**. Let’s talk about the positive things going on with the 49ers so far this season.

The Top 3 good things for the 49ers in 2018 so far. Coming in at number three, I have Robbie Gould, kicker. Now, a lot of people want to give him credit for being a good kicker and yes. He’s a really good kicker because if you’re looking at the NFL right now, some teams are struggling to find very good consistent kickers.

Just ask a couple of teams like the Cleveland Browns before, the Los Angeles Chargers, they had a big problem against us last Sunday for whatever reason. Almost lost the game because of that, but you know unfortunately, they won the game. So, that sucks.

Anyways, you guys know what I mean. Having a kicker is very essential, especially later on the season if you want to make a big playoff run. If the 49ers make a really big one hopefully later on this season, having a reliable kicker helps. Robbie Gould is the solution to that. Gould, do your thing. We all love you in San Francisco.

It’s a really underrated thing that people don’t talk about sometimes like very casual fans. You know, I know you hardcore guys talk about the kicker, but in terms of like you know just casual fans, they don’t really think about that. You have to think about it. Gould’s been a beast for us and I hope he can keep it up. I think he’s only missed like one or two field goals this year.

I mean, he’s almost perfect as I’ve been seeing for the past year now from 2017. You know, I can’t say anything else. Robbie Gould, freaking beast.

Keep it up. Coming in at number two, I have the rookie draft class. Three players in particular. Mike McGlinchey, Dante Pettis, and Fred Warner. Those guys have been making a big contribution to the 49ers right now for the first four weeks. I expect to see some more action for them coming soon, except for Dante Pettis.

He’s going to be out for a little bit. He suffered a very bad knee injury against the Chargers. It was unfortunate, but hopefully, he can heal up really soon.

Come back to the field. That’d be great to have him. Yeah these guys, they’ve been contributing from day one and I’m not really that surprised.

McGlinchey is kind of holding the offensive line down. He’s had to play multiple positions due to injuries like right guard and what have you. For the most part, he’s done a really good job.

I mean, you look at the rushing statistics for the 49ers, the rushing game. Matt Breida is like the top five in rushing yards. A big attribute to that is McGlinchey, along with Joe Staley and them. They’ve been doing a fantastic job for the run game. That’s pretty good.

Pettis, he’s been really reliable too. He had Garoppolo’s first touchdown, second whatever during the game against the Vikings. That’s really good and he’s a really reliable pass catcher. That’s good to see. Fred Warner, that is the MVP so far for the 49ers defense in my opinion. He has really done a good job for this team and I wasn’t that surprised because he was one of the exciting rookies to see for the season.

He’s, you know, exceeded my expectations even more. Rookie class, freaking awesome. I hope they can keep it up, but so far, John Lynch has done a really good job in the draft and these three players have been proven it so far. Coming in at number one as the biggest positive thing for the 49ers in 2018 so far in the first quarter of the season is the offense. I was going to mention and break some of it up for this list, but I just figured putting all of them together is a better idea. So far for this offense, I think it’s done a really good job.

I know they’ve made some mistakes and what have you. Drop balls, turnovers, but still. With the potential that they have, I think they’re in good hands right now. Garoppolo being out, that kind of sucks.

That’s unfortunate. McKinnon being out too, that is unfortunate as well, both of them. Hopefully, they can make a good rest and get ready for 2019, but so far in 2018 right now. As of week five, I’m really excited for this offense even more. You got C.J.

Beathard. He had a really good performance against the LA Chargers. Matt Breida, he’s top five in rushing yards.

The offensive line, they could use a little bit of improvement, but the run blocking is fantastic. They just need to improve a little bit on the pass blocking so Beathard can have some more time throwing the ball. The receivers, there’s a lot of talent there. Goodwin, Taylor, Pettis. The biggest star in my opinion is tight end George Kittle.

Like, this offense looks pretty loaded on paper and so far, they’ve been executing the best as they can. The defense isn’t that good. Maybe this offense can carry this team even more.

That’s what I’m hoping for and that’s what everyone in San Francisco is hoping for is for this offense to take a bigger step in you know, they have a pretty favorable schedule I would say. They have the Cardinals coming up. Eh, not the best defense. It’s whatever. The Packers, eh, it’s a little questionable for them.

The only good player that they have is Aaron Rodgers. The Rams offensively, they’re really tough led by Jared Goff and Todd Gurley and all the receivers that they have like Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks, but defensively? They’re a little overrated you know somewhat. I mean, they have a lot of time like Aaron Donald. I don’t want to mess with that dude.

That guy is a freakin beast. What I’m saying is, is that these are some pretty defeatable defenses I would say and I hope the 49ers can take advantage of that offensively. Maybe we’ll get some wins because of that.

You know defensively, they going to have to step up their game, but so far offensively, I’ve been very impressed. With Beathard, I’m in good hand and I’m pretty sure everyone is in good hands with him as quarterback. That’s pretty much it you guys. Wanted to mention this whole list right here so far for the 49ers. There’s been some good like I mentioned right now.

There’s been some bad like I mentioned yesterday. So hopefully, they can redeem the bad and hopefully make into a good later on for the next couple of weeks until week nine and what have you. Yeah, that’s going to be it you guys. Please let me know what you like about the 2018 season so far for the 49ers. I’d like to hear what you guys have to say as always and if you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe to support my channel.

That would definitely help me out a lot. I will see you guys tomorrow when I talk about the three things you should be looking forward to for the game against the Cardinals. See y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all as always!