Georgette Sordellini, Media Coordinator for Team Western Mass 2014

Georgette Testimonial

Rachel Eckles, Media Coordinator for Team East 2014

Movie on 8-7-15 at 1.18 PM

 Caroline White-Knockleby, Events Coordinator for Team West Mass 2013


Carrie Watkins, Team Leader for Team Eastern Massachusetts 2011

“No way would I be where I am today if I hadn’t done Climate Summer. The summer empowered me to make a difference through hands on skill building and connecting me to an inspiring, wide community of people with the same vision for a better world. Climate Summer equipped me with the skills and inspiration I have been using to connect to the greater climate movement ever since. Climate Summer taught me that no distance is too far and no dream is impossible. It also gave me big time street cred in the Boston climate activist community. “